• Luke Chamberlain 7 - 3 Pauline Jennings
  • Luke Chamberlain 7 - 2 James England
  • Geoff Hall 11 - 9 Karen Jones
  • David Motley 9 - 4 Alan Pattison
  • Geoff Hall 9 - 11 David Sanders
About WBGC...

Worcester Backgammon Club was formed in late 2013, by brothers Sean and Garry Jones. We play in the Barbourne Ex-Servicemens Club, The Moors, Worcester, every Tuesday night and can be found playing at our original home, The Lamb and Flag, on other nights (and lunchtimes), where backgammon has been played regularly for over 40 years.

We are a UK Backgammon Federation registered club, with all competitive matches counting towards National Rankings. We encourage participation in tournaments up and down the country and have competed as teams in the UK Club Championships twice, as well as going to Ireland to play Cork in a Cork v Worcester Challenge.

We hold two league seasons a year; January to May and September to December. Every Tuesday you will find us at the Ex-Servicemens Club, playing in league games or running knockouts and playing ‘friendlies’!

The club promotes good standards of play and encourages players of all abilities to improve their play. We follow the UKBGF rules of backgammon.

If you fancy trying one of the oldest games in the world that has a beautiful, if not sometimes cruel mix of skill and luck; then come and join us and see how you get on. Once you enter your first competition you will be hooked.

League 1 Spring 2022
This Season has not yet finished. As such, these rankings could change.